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The cruises have a fixed route based on a week long sailing plan, plus two days spent at Le LODGE.

Inaugural Cruise
The system foresees the use of 6 or 12 yachts (each module “ships + Le LODGE” is called a “Yacht Fleet”) depending on whether the rotation is in ones or twos; the routes are planned to be short, mostly just a few hours’ sailing each day, with overnight stays in tourist harbours or sheltered coves; the cruises have a fixed itinerary, probably lasting one week, to which two days spent at Le LODGE should be added. From an accommodation point of view, the Lodge welcomes the guests (using a dedicated team) for the first and the last night of their holyday.
This makes the cruise experience even more pleasing (the beginning and end are always the most stressful times); for example the inaugural season will see an itinerary planned from Monaco to Saint Tropez and return lasting one week with excursions by speedboat to Le Calanques and the Porquerolles islands. 
Other planned cruise destinations would be the Neapolitan coast, Ischia,Amalfi and Capri area. 
Certainly the possibilities are endless as Le LODGEs & Yacht Fleets can be positioned globally from the Mediterranean to the Australian coast and many other exotic destinations.
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