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A luxury boutique-hotel, exclusive for Le YACHT Cruises' guests, for a pre-post boarding cruise atmosphere extension.

Le LODGE is the cruises terminal homeport for each operational fleet, and it's structured as a floating barge hotel with high standing hotel reception service for guests and accomodations for turn-over crews. 
Le LODGE is also a technical and administrative support to the fleets. It hosts yachts fleet and centralized facilities for cooking, laundry, sewage and used water treatment. 
This structure is designed in two formats:
- the Bay LODGE for exotic coves moorings;
- the Harbour LODGE for marinas moorings.
Le LODGE accomodates from12 to 24 comfortable suites with wide balconies, inside/outside lounges, gourmet restaurant and bar, wide terraces, swimming pool and Jacuzzi mini-pools. It also provides administrative and technical support to Le YACHT fleet, mooring in daily rotation to its floating jetty.



Le LODGE is more than just an operational base to arrive and leave from; it's a luxurious Waterfront Clubhouse which offers both guest reception as well as functional support. From here the various yachts will moor in rotations to commence their journey. All the destinations and the stages of the cruise are carefully programmed so that they can welcome one of the boats every day, providing the advantage of adding land-based services to onboard ones.
Beyond providing the guest their first and last night luxurious accommodation and entertainment, Le LODGE is Le YACHT Cruises' foundation; from here all the services provided on board the yachts are carefully performed, ranging from logistics such as daily meals, provisions, the yacht laundry to "water toys" deliveries.
Le LODGE therefore incorporates all functions, which cannot find space on board the yacht-cruisers, from resupply of every kind to the disposal and controlled treatment of refuse and used liquids.
In addition, it houses staterooms and equipment for programmed and emergency maintenance and cleaning, as well as the shuttle-boats, which supply the yacht-cruisers, as needed, while they are cruising. Le LODGE also provides accommodation for the land and on-board staff.
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