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Tailored luxurious cruises on dream yachts providing an enhanced perspective for discovering exceptional places. The ultimate concept for an advanced tourism, ehile maintaining utmost respect for the environment.

The implementation of this project is carried out through a functional system composed by:  

-  Le LODGE, the operational and hospitality base,possibly floating, home port for the yacht-vessels providing technical support and hotel accommodation;


-  Le YACHT are the cruise vessel, part of a group or fleet of identical yachts that navigate individually, being Le LODGE their mooring terminal, alternating each other on turns at the beginning/end of each cruise, one or two per day.

The system is based on several modules, each one utilizing a fleet of 6 or 12 Le YACHT vessels operating from Le LODGE, the number of vessels of each module depends on whether Le YACHT daily rotation from Le LODGE is single or double.  

Each module, Le YACHTs + Le LODGE, is called a YACHT FLEET wich can be multiplied and repositioned to any interesting location suited for cruises. 

The entire FLEET can be repositioned to different locations by loading Le LODGE and/or Le YACHTs on a “Piggy back” ship (semi-submersible conveyor vessel) for overseas transfer. 

Le LODGE will preferably be constructed on suited barges of variable dimensions, eventually detachable in two parts to facilitate re-positioning and transfers.

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