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Le YACHT cruises concept comes from the historic success of Pearl Yacht Line with the intent of re-create a similar fleet modernizing it based on past experience.

Well ahead of the times, Pearl Yacht Line recognized the need for a new form of yachting, one that combined the comfort and independence of a luxury hotel with the mobility of a cruise ship using smaller units.

Pearl Yacht Line envisioned a product that could fulfill this need, on both a technical and well as the hotel aspect, capable of taking a leading role in this new market niche. 

During the 90's, Pearl Yacht solidified this strategy by setting up Yacht co-ownerships shares and optimizing both the financial and fiscal aspects as well as the management of the yachts by chartering either by cabin or the entire vessel.

 Throughout the following years, Pearl Yacht Line and its partners constructed and promoted 23 vessels of 30 meters and larger, for a total of 84.6 million Euro.


These vessels were successfully exploited under the Pearl Yacht Line concept of a fleet of cruising yachts, rented by the cabin, navigating predefined routes. At the end of their commercial exploitation, and in accordance with the terms of the project, these "vessels" were refitted as private yachts and resold publicly.

Today, most of the original yachts have been resold for a second and even a third time and they continue to navigate to the full satisfaction of their private owners.

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