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Tailored luxurious cruises on dream yachts providing an enhanced perspective for discovering exceptional places. The ultimate concept for an advanced tourism, ehile maintaining utmost respect for the environment.

Le YACHT Cruises is an  unconventional cruise organization involved in the promotion and development of cruise ship activities utilizing smaller vessels, yacht shaped, combining technical and functional aspects of larger vessels with the refined and exclusive hospitality only private yachts can offer.  

It consists in a worldwide fleet of “6 star” yachts, designed for 12 to 78 passengers each, professionally crewed and managed by a superlative luxury hotel organization.

The current cruise market is based on commercial ship criteria’s ranging from the small luxurious exclusive vessels, to the giant ships for the masses.

Le YACHT Cruises tackled the problem with an innovative formula: rather than “compressing” the cruise-ship to yacht size, it’s the yacht itself that is elevated to the grandeur of the cruise-ship.   

The opportunities available to commercial yachts by European (CE) and British (MCA-Small Commercial Vessels) standards, have been seized to test the possibilities of respecting the technical constraints and requirements of the hotel standards typical of the luxury ship market.

OBJECTIVE: To benefit from “economies of scale” achieved by industrial production of yacht-cruise-vessels.




T366 Lake C0012br.jpg


For the first time, in the Mediterranean Sea destinations and in the Continental lakes, you will have the possibility to experience the most exclusive approach to luxury cruising:

  • On luxurious 100 foot ocean yachts and 300 foot classical lake-ships, of superb Italian design, with cruises planned either from the Principality of Monaco to St. Tropez and back, or the most attractive Mediterranean locations or Central European Lakes. The vessel’s design and size allow her to anchor inside the smallest hidden coves and enter the smartest harbours.

  • Service on board will be secured by a team of 6 crewmembers on the Ocean yachts and 38 on the Lake Ships, including professional Captains.

  • You will be offered the option of dining ashore in the most elegant local restaurants with all arrangements made by Le YACHT Staff, in addition each guest will receive a small book guide suggesting the most fashionable and chic places to go shopping, dancing and drinking at each of the enchanting stop, be it on the Côte d’Azur or the South seas.

  • For your desire to experiment a clearly different way of cruising, Le YACHT will offer Extraordinary Options before or after the cruise such as RIVA high-class speed boats to dash off the islands in a flash or a Ferrari to tour the most famous French Perfumes factories.

  • In Winter, Le YACHT will propose the possibility to extend your luxury travel with a stay at the most elegant winter resort in Switzerland, the village of Gstaad, offering special conditions for our clients.

Le YACHT team, with the knowledge of what elegant luxury truly means, is ready to share this pleasure and culture with friends on board.



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