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Gigantic versus exclusive: the struggle of cruises     Think Big has been the key to success for the past 20 years. Huge ships provided wonderful opportunities for budget vacations with a sociable and recreational atmosphere with games, unusual attractions and food galore. And crowd. Economic success, however, was conditioned by the need to always operate at full capacity. 
The more refined clientele, on the other hand, does not like crowds and seeks a more intimate and exclusive luxury supported by gourmet cuisine and top quality service. The trend has therefore shifted towards ever smaller, more expensive and luxurious ships, with the extra bonus of exotic destinations and itineraries.  However, the break-even limit between performance and costs (mainly crews) hardly falls below 200 passengers, still so much for true exclusivity.

On the way back to success 

Any journey is a dream of discovery, but also a strenuous adventure. The only true vacation is relax, comfort and carefree. Combine both and get cruises. But, how to get it without crowd, in a renewed environmental reliability? 

The new cruise trends are: 

  • Capacity reduction to minimize risk, simplify management and increase individual and collective security; 

  • Routes and distances reduction to simplify passenger handling, minimize costs and promote the feeling of safety; 

  • Trust rebuild through efficiency, simplicity, creativity and innovation. 


The Top of Exclusivity

Extra small almost individual cruise ships are the only reassuring option. As intimate and exclusive as yachts, but still cruise ships: economically affordable and stress free, no-surprises, an all-inclusive dream of discovery in carefree luxury comfort.   i.e. LeYACHT-cruises


The key to innovation

1st     - Get rid of anxieties: aggregations, long-haul transfer flights, quarantines

2nd   - Tickle a renewed desire: intimate and carefree relaxation, exclusivity, discovery of the treasure island of our seas



LeYACHT-cruises is the true innovation in luxury cruises : close to a super-yacht but designed and managed for regular top-market cruises and for a demanding clientele who wants to choose the size of their exclusive group – from two to 12 on the sea, up to 78 on continental lakes. The service and quality is guaranteed by the operational management of a boutique hotel: top quality food and drinks, carefully planned itineraries, private tender excursions, water toys in the warm seasons, shopping and leisure opportunities, all inclusive. 


The Fleets

LeYACHT is luxury 100-foot ocean sailing vessel designed to accommodate from 2 to 12 demanding guests with a crew of 6, operating on weekly coastal cruises, heading to LeLODGE, a welcome clubhouse and technical support.

The LAKE-ship is a 300-foot catamaran, 8 masts + paddle wheel hybrid/zero emissions freshwater sailing vessel, designed to accommodate 78 guests with a crew of 38, operational on weekly cruises on continental lakes.

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